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 Our Mission

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PostSubject: Our Mission   Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:23 pm

Welcome ALL guests and visitors to our site. We have come together reuniting in the name of Perfect Trust and Perfect Love to create a community soul site for all souls from all walks of life to enjoy interactions with alike minded people that walk their paths through this life and our reality as is within the now and present times. We feel that as long as what you do doesn't hurt or harm anyone or yourself then do as you will.

Our Mission and Dream's Motivation to the Creation and Main Intention For This Site's Succession:-

The reason and intention behind why Starshini has chosen to build and recreate a new respectful but people-focused soul forum network in a  friendly but family, helpful and peaceful environment.... where acceptance is the key quality to our community's doors.... but in a Online Home which is indeed a safe place for those willing to come together to teach, grow and learn alongside each other... we wish to perceive our Home as a sacred learning space for anyone that wishes to share what they know among other alike minded posters.

The Team at Universal Connections fully recommends that Anyone coming into our site ought to be aware that Ego and Negative Intentions OUGHT to be cleared and bubbled in healing light or given to the Angels so that they can deal with it accordingly. By venturing onto our forums, your intentions must be Positive and You ought to RESPECT our foundations as what has been laid out with clear and concise language which highlights our Mission and our Dream.

Our Online Home welcomes ALL knowledge, not just the old ways of learning but also the new. Many of us can learn from others and what they post and are learning from their journeying. It is suggested for any newcomers registering with us to understand that we are all learning and are in the same boat, nobody is to be perceived as greater, inferior, more superior or more in control just because they are in a position of power or are part of the Staff team. Please also do not bring spiritual warfare, psychic attacks or perceive us in any form of competition with anyone else or any other sites. We are not. We are also not in the position to convert, preach or be open to anyone with the intent to bash other sites. This is not our mission at all. We are NOT into melodramatics, drama or any hindering conflict. Personal Grudges and Personal Vendettas will be deemed as behavioral issues and anyone acting this way  will be asked Why? and be asked to change their ways or otherwise if situation escalates to take a break from site. Site Confidentiality is key to this site being successful in any way, shape or form. Please keep practice readings and healing information confidential between Reader & Sitter and Healer and Receiver. 

We have all had experiences on other negative sites wherein the ego and intention to harm and personal integrity may be in question....all we ask is that you trust your judgement and intuition and your instincts.

We are firm believers in the existence of Life after Death existing as Positive Energy and Higher Spirits to help other people within this field of knowledge. We also believe in the attributes of positive healing energy being able to consciously and lift spirits up energetically while many of us are on our own paths.

We believe also in a balance of work and play and giving and receiving. laughter is welcomed here as laughter is good for the soul's progress. Banter as well as Good Conversation and A Good Sense of Humor in Our Chat (to come soon as there's enough interest on the forums) is Welcomed to our site. We are not to be perceived as serious old funny people that just sit around idling in our lives, we do welcome fun, laughter as much as anyone else.

We are indeed a UK site for spiritual learning and intuitive development. Site is a non-profit community therefore nobody should be charging for anything on site. All knowledge and services are offered freely when time and energies allow, balancing in between our regular lives. Everyone is welcomed.

With all that said....
Peaceful Blessings & Welcome Home.
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Our Mission
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